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New Construction

Are you thinking about having a new home built? 

To many, the idea of having a custom home built is daunting.  There are tons of misconceptions about what is required and involved in having a new home built.  Some people believe it is too challenging or not possible for them to do. There are horror stories everywhere you turn: homes that didn’t end up being built as planned, costs that were much higher than anticipated, long delays in completion, lower quality end result than expected, warranty issues, lawsuits, and much more.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  When done right, the process can be exciting, fun and extremely rewarding.  Building a home on the lot that fits exactly what a person needs in the location that they desire can make coming home each day so much better.  There’s no need to settle for an existing home that only fits some of your criteria.


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Things to consider before having a home built?

There are a lot of things to consider before moving forward in the process of having a home built.   Some of the most important things to consider are:

  1. What builder is the right builder for you?
  2. What lender and loan type are you going to use?
  3. How much money are you going to need for closing costs, reserves, earnest money, notice to proceed funds, overages and more?
  4. What home plan do you want built?
  5. What do you want included in the home you are going to have built?  Some examples being; flooring, siding, electrical, plumbing, cabinets, countertops, doors, trim, paint colors, decks, faucets, heating system, hot water systems, fixtures and much more.
  6. What lot are you going to have your home built on?  When you find the right lot it is important to make sure you have a clear understanding of the land.  How much is it going to cost to get the utilities ran? What is the situation with the water/well? What type of septic needs to be installed? Is there zoning issues to consider? Are there covenants and restrictions? Are there survey issues such as setbacks, easements, encroachments, etc.? How much will it cost to develop the lot?
  7. What are the builders allowances, vendors and selection processes?  Will they allow you to have what you want in the home or are you going to have to pay money directly to the builder for overages?
  8. What are the standard features and specifications that the home will be built to?

Making sure the process is organized, properly documented and everything that could happen is addressed.

Most problems, challenges, misunderstandings and lawsuits that happen when having a new home built could be prevented if an organized and clearly defined process was put into place.

This process must include at a minimum the following:

  1. Everything from start to finish must be addressed in the contract, from designing your custom plan, selecting every feature and everything that could possibly come up during the build.
  2. Everything that happens at every step of the way must be written down and signed by both parties.
  3. When a change is made during the process, a change order needs to be created.  This will ensure there is no surprises at closing.
  4. The purchase agreement must have a detailed list of everything that is included in the customer’s home.
  5. The purchase agreement must have a fixed price, meaning the main price won’t change unless the customer makes changes.
  6. The builder must have a written warranty agreement that lists everything that is covered and includes the standards of acceptable and unacceptable work.

Synergy New Construction Process and New Construction Classes, Seminars and One on One Consultation

The Synergy Home Team has developed the most powerful system for helping any buyer build any home with any builder on the planet.  Our system takes the guess work and confusion out of the process, making it as simple and stress free as possible.

The Synergy Home Team and its founder, Dustin Renner, have helped hundreds of people with new construction.  Dustin grew up with a father that built homes for years and Dustin has represented many of the best builders in this market for the last 15 years.

We offer free new construction classes, seminars and one on one consultations.  If you would like to learn more about the new construction process and what it takes to successfully have a home built call us at 907-268-4200 or register for our next new construction class or seminar.  These are offered every month, both online and in person.

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