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Preferred Buyer Program

Beat Other Buyer to the Best Deals!

We are committed to exceeding your expectations while getting you the best possible price, terms and conditions when buying a home or property. We also ensure that you fully understand the home buyer process every step of the way. To do this, we’ve created our Preferred Buyer’s Program to ensure you get the most house for the least amount of money. By enrolling in our Preferred Buyer’s Program, you will receive the following proprietary advantages, services and programs.

Preferred Buyer Program: Gives you accurate, relevant information, faster than other methods ‐ helping you to make
informed decisions and find the best property at the best price possible!

Fill out the form below to get enrolled in our Preferred Buyer Program.

With this system you will receive the following competitive advantages:

Preferred Buyer Program Member:  You will be provided information on on market and off market properties faster than other buyers in the market place. This includes information not available on public websites.

Distresses Seller Properties:  You will get access to foreclosures, absentee owners, short sales and other great investment opportunities.

Expert Negotiation Service:  We make every effort to negotiate any offer in a way that best represents your needs. We’ve sold hundreds upon hundreds  homes and will use our many years of combined experience to help you get the best price, terms and conditions on your property purchase. In most cases, we can even get the seller to pay some or all of your closing costs. We also include a professional transaction coordinator.

Customized Home Loan Programs and Free Pre-qualification:  We will provide you with a list of the mortgage professionals in the area that we have experienced continuously providing the best service and loan programs based upon an individual’s unique circumstances and goals. They are even skilled in creative financing to limit the amount of money you need to come to closing, getting you the best rates and many times getting you into a home without having to make a payment for the first 60 days that you live there. Any one of these lenders will provide you with a free pre-qualification.

Full Market Analysis:  To help ensure you purchase your home for the best price possible we will conduct a thorough market
analysis of the home you choose to buy. We will compare it to the homes that have recently sold or are pending. While we
are not appraisers, we take a very similar approach in this process. In addition, we provide information to help you make the
best strategic offer such as list/sell ratios, average days on market, average amount of buyer closing costs sellers are paying,
absorption rates, inventory levels and much more.

Additional Secret, Member Only Benefits:   Some of the services we provide our Buyers are so cutting edge and unique that we choose not to publish them on our website.  We only provide them to our VIP Preferred Buyers.  Sign up today to become one!!